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Grants and fundraising

Writing and reviewing applications

There is a whole host of skills and knowledge that lie behind successful applications. STC has over 20 years’ experience of writing and assessing grant applications, with over 10 years at a national lottery distributor reviewing a wide variety of capital and revenue schemes.

We have secured over £20 million in funding for a range of projects which is a direct result of our detailed knowledge and experience in constructing and advising on applications.

If you want to know how to do something successfully ask someone who has a proven track record!

How we can help you succeed:

  1. Write the application/s for you
  2. Tell you what needs to be written where – and how it needs to be written
  3. Review what you have written and provide clear pointers to improve your chances of success – we know what assessors are looking for
  4. Create or provide advice on budgets (capital or revenue).

And very importantly,

  1. Create added value and make your scheme stand out by:
    • Providing creative ideas and solutions
    • Creating Unique Selling Points (USPs)
    • Developing your concept
    • Suggesting links, networks, partnerships and other support.
Bolton Woods football site
Bolton Woods football site

Our professional approach will ensure that any application meets the funder’s eligibility criteria and is appropriately researched in order to maximise your chances of securing funding.

We can deliver successful bids because we know the business. We have a track record in producing creative winning applications, we have skills in assessing bids, we will identify quality data to underpin your bid and we understand how to influence funders.

We aim to put you in the best position possible to access the funds you need to deliver your goals and to convince funders that your scheme stands out from the crowd.