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Free advice

Free advice

Sounds odd doesn’t it – but it’s true. STC will provide you with up to 2 hours of free, no obligation advice.

We do this because:

  • We need to listen and fully understand what you want to achieve, before we do anything else
  • We can then suggest how best you can achieve it – and we will do this whether or not it includes our services
  • We can show you precisely how we can add value to your project/ idea
  • Some of you will then want further services
  • Our free advice is part of our principles – a commitment to ‘community service’.
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Finding money in difficult situations is a speciality

STC will help you to understand the issues you need to consider in applying to external funders and to develop your skills to assess different funding streams. We will also help you to review and appraise the resources which may already be at your disposal to ensure you do not overlook these.