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Grants and fundraising

Top tips for funding applications

  1. Read all the guidance notes carefully – highlighting key points/ criteria
  2. Ensure you are eligible to apply
  3. Make sure your organisation has agreed to the application
  4. Define your aims and objectives
  5. Be clear about who are/ will be beneficiaries
  6. Establish what beneficiaries gain as a result of your project (outcomes)
  7. Find or create good evidence of need and demand
  8. Establish and explain costs and income streams for your scheme
  9. Consider how you will gauge the success of your project (outputs, outcomes, evaluation)
  10. Re-draft answers, making sure you answer questions precisely and concisely
  11. Make sure you have answered all the questions
  12. Beware of using jargon and abbreviations
  13. Include all the additional information required
  14. Get someone else to proofread and check your application before you send it
  15. Keep a full copy of everything that you send

We wish you the best of luck!

And don’t forget, speak to STC to help improve your chances because we have:

  • A long track record of success at every level, from local to national grants
  • Years of experience as an assessor – providing a funder’s insight and knowledge
  • A commitment to both quality and creativity – let us help you to stand out in your applications