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Organisational development

Facilitating planning and review days

We can assist you to develop strategies, plan future actions, solve problems or monitor your progress by facilitating planning or review days which involve staff and other stakeholders such as trustees, funders and other partners.

We take an inclusive approach in designing programmes for such meetings and seek to inspire, illuminate, and deliberate on the core issues of importance for your organisation.

We aim to ensure that your organisation can plan, monitor and review its progress based on the knowledge and skills of its key stakeholders in order to support service improvement.

A way forward…

If you are not sure what you want or need to do in your organisation but believe that something is required to address some issues then consider the following:

  • Calling us to arrange our free, 2 hour meeting during which we can help you to clarify what the issues are/ could be and what you could do to resolve them

And then/or

  • Arranging a facilitated , designed and managed by us, for your colleagues/ stakeholders so that we can help you to achieve your aims/ objectives.

We have a wide range of facilitation tools, techniques and exercises to help progress and resolve what might seem to be the most difficult, emotional or intractable problems.

Our sensitivity, techniques and experience can help people to feel safe, comfortable, valued and most importantly, able to contribute in these sessions. We employ a flexible set of groundrules that will be agreed at the outset and which then underpin the way that will people will behave during their time together.

As we are independent, we don’t generally have any prior history with the people or the issues, which allows us to focus on the substantive matters, teasing out problems and facilitating potential solutions and ways forward.

We are committed to growth through support and positive development and adopt a ‘no shame, no blame’ approach which we find is the most helpful in allowing people to move forward, whilst acknowledging and learning from problems and difficulties of the past.

If you are still not sure this approach is right for you, you have nothing to lose by taking up our offer of free initial advice.