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Delivering feasibility studies

Feasibility studies examine a proposed course of action or development. They assess the advantages and disadvantages of a range of options, examining as objectively as possible all the ways that there are to achieve the desired outcomes, along with the implications of operating the scheme.

We can help you to work through this process to ensure that before you start any undertaking you understand the pros and cons of the project and have checked whether there are viable alternatives to your proposed course of action.

What will we cover?

  • Aims and objectives of your service/activity/organisation/facility
  • Desired outcomes/benefits
  • Options appraisal/review
  • Service/site/organisation specific issues
  • Political/economic/social/ technical/legal/environmental/health and safety issues
  • Capital and revenue finance implications
  • Risk assessment, implications and possible mitigation
  • Legal and planning issues
  • Partnerships
  • Staffing and management

These are just some of the items that we will cover – we will tailor our approach and content to the project in hand.

STC aims to ensure that your potential project is well thought out and has been appropriately considered within the context of the wider environment.

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