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Grants and fundraising

Creating a fundraising strategy

For those organisations seeking more detailed support, we can develop a bespoke fundraising strategy.

This will set out core funding requirements that align with your organisational needs and will identify the external opportunities available to you based on reviewing key national, regional and local funding sources.

Clements Hall, York
Clements Hall community centre refurbishment, £970k grant

We will help you work out what’s important and how to prioritise your existing and future resources to meet your current organisational goals and longer term aspirations.

We aim to ensure that in developing your fundraising strategy you take a needs based approach and focus your energy on applying for funds which you have a good chance of securing.

We will also work creatively with you, ensuring that you not only look outwards for funds but have considered: existing assets and the possible ways that they could be employed to increase your income or decrease your outgoings; process or performance improvements that could release funding; removal of unnecessary expenditure; maximising existing income streams.

We will help you to create a clear plan of action that will deliver the funding you need for your organisation’s aspirations.