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We recognise that to make the most of your people (be they leaders, managers, staff or volunteers) they may need support including training and professional development. However, particular training courses may not meet individual needs and a more personal tailored approach may be more effective.

We provide bespoke coaching and mentoring services to support individuals to develop personally and professionally.

Simon Town has been a mentor in both the North Yorkshire Accord mentoring scheme and in City of York Council’s mentoring programme.

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We aim to ensure that the talents of individuals are nurtured, developed and brought out so that everyone can achieve and deliver their full potential.

If you are wondering what the differences are between coaching, mentoring and counselling, here are a few pointers:


…is generally short-term, focussed on the achievement of some specific goal or goals – often these goals will be work related. Coaching sessions are regular, structured and ‘goal oriented’ meetings. A coach does not necessarily need to understand the area or type of work that the coachee is involved in. (In short: task-focussed encouragement and strategy)


…is a more flexible and open relationship with the meetings less structured and without the same need for regularity as in coaching. Mentoring is based on the assumption that the mentor has some useful, relevant experience in the field that the mentee wants to develop. The aim/s for the sessions are set by the mentee and the mentor uses their experience to help the mentee move forward with their aims, whether personal or professional. (In short: experienced guidance and support).


The focus of counselling is the achievement of the client’s goal, which could be related to any type of emotional, personal or professional issue. The counsellor uses their training and skill to assist the client to achieve their goal. Counselling sessions are held regularly (generally weekly, for 50 minutes) in a private and confidential setting. The duration of counselling can be short or long term and is based on a clearly agreed contract between client and counsellor. The scope of counselling is generally broader and/or deeper than either coaching or mentoring. (In short: personal and confidential, therapeutic support).

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