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Grants and fundraising

Developing your project

You may have a specific project in mind that you wish to develop but don’t know where to start. We can help you to develop your ideas, scope out a project and consider how this might fit with funding opportunities and meet funders’ criteria.

We can assist you in:

  • being specific about what it is you want to achieve – establishing clear aims and outcomes
  • considering options for your organisation and/or project
  • assessing the viability of your preferred option, possibly through a feasibility study structuring and developing your project, including linking activities to outcomes
  • researching local need and demand, carrying out consultations and identifying data and possible partnerships to support your project
  • developing creative solutions
  • reviewing types and implications of different constitutions (including eligibility for funds)

We aim to ensure that your projects are clearly defined, meet your needs and are likely to attract interest and support.

We can also help with the coordination and management of projects, where your organisation does not have the in-house expertise such as capital (building) projects, large revenue schemes or partnership projects.