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Organisational development

Strategy, policy and procedural development

Your organisation may need to develop a range of strategies, policies and procedures to support its work as it becomes established and grows in new directions. This can be critical in helping you to:

  • Set out how and why your organisation does what it does
  • Focus on critical success factors
  • Obtain new and creative ideas and solutions from your staff
  • Improve / simplify processes
  • Define and communicate procedures and improve understanding
  • Communicate and engage directly with staff
  • Identify and manage risk and comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Specific pieces of work that we deliver include:

  • Strategy writing, development and consultation
  • Action planning sessions
  • Work programme development for individuals or teams
  • Process mapping and reengineering
  • Policy and procedures development
  • Problem solving.

We aim to ensure that your organisation can operate efficiently and effectively; that it is focused on delivering its priorities and is not hampered by unnecessary processes or unclear thinking.

Examples of previous clients

  • South Tyneside, Lincolnshire and Hambleton councils (strategy development, consultation and writing)
  • Clements Hall Community Centre; Bike Rescue (action planning; work programme development)
  • York Young People‚Äôs Trust; neighbourhood management team City of York Council (process mapping/ reengineering)